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Transforming Families

Fuzion Empowerment, Inc. is obdurate about doing all it can, to serve as many students and families as possible. Vulnerable young girls live throughout the community dealing with low self-esteem making their circumstances sometimes unbearable, while young boys look themselves in the mirror lacking identity and the tools needed to be a successful man. All the while adults are struggling trying to be the perfect parent, not knowing there is no such thing. Through the knowledge gained through our Life Skills Workshops we are transforming the family dynamic one workshop at a time.

All our workshops cater to students (ages 13-18), college and parents of all ages. We utilize age-appropriate learning methodologies including physical exercises, group activities, video, personal reflection, and group discussion. Workshops are highly interactive in nature and trainers are both insightful and engaging.

Workshop topics can include:

· Self-esteem

· Leadership

· Conflict Resolution

· Goal Setting

· Career Development

· Goal Setting & Action Plan

· Identity – Who Are You

· Successful Parenting

· Financial Accountability

Fuzion’s interactive workshops range from 60 minutes to a half-day and can be customized for after school or summer programs in a wide range of settings. These workshops and retreats are fully customizable for faith groups, educational institutions, and youth serving organizations.

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